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Final walk through

Purchasing a home is a complex process consisting of several steps. Now you got to the final phase of this journey. One final, extremely important step before closing the transaction is the final walk through.

Even though your new home was already inspected by you and your home inspector a lot could have happened between the inspection time and the closing. The final walk through is your last chance to make sure everything is in working condition as it was presented in the contract and to check all repairs the seller agreed to fix upon after home inspection. If you find out during the final walk through that the seller did not fix everything he/she agreed upon you can still raise an issue or even give up on the house depending on how serious the unresolved issues were. Take your time during the final walk through and inspect your new home thoroughly, this way you may avoid costly repairs or extra work on your part later on. Before you go to a final walk through prepare a checklist for yourself so it would be a lot easier to remember everything you should be checking on.



Here are some items you should be putting on your checklist:
1. Check if all the items you purchased with the house are in place. Some sellers may take them out “accidently”.
2. Were all repairs agreed upon done?
3. Check if all the appliances work properly, run the dishwasher, turn on the stove. Test washer and dryer.
4. If the temperature is above 65 degrees test the air conditioner to see if the thermostat works and the system blows cold air. If the temperature is below 65 degrees do not turn it on. It may damage the compressor.
5. Turn on the heating system to check if it is working properly. Make sure the hot air is coming out and the thermostat is working.
6. Flush the toilets in the bathrooms. Check if they empty slowly or leak. Turn on all faucets and fill the sinks, see if they drain properly. Do the same with the bathtub.
7. When going through the house turn on all ceiling fans to see if they work.
8. Check if floors and walls are in the same condition; check if they were damaged by movers.
9. Make sure there are no broken windows.
10. Check for any signs of water around the refrigerator, washer, water heater, or under the kitchen sink.
11. In the basement check for any signs of leaks on walls, floors, and any exposed pluming system.
12. Check if the garage door opens and closes properly.
13. If there is a fireplace in the house check if the damper works and if the gas comes on in the gas fireplace.
14. Check the doorbell and intercom if there is one.
15. Make sure you will receive all manuals and warranties if any. Ask for receipts from the work seller that he/she had to do after the home inspection.