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How To Handle Showings

It is very important to know how to handle showings. Prepare yourself mentally: you will have people coming through your home which means you may have your private and quite time interrupted. Potential buyers will read your unspoken language when viewing your home. Your attitude toward them will affect their interest in the home. Once you put your house on the market, it must be kept in ready-to-show condition at all times until the contract is signed. With the current technology, where realtors have all they need to show homes in their smart phones, you might be getting showing requests on a very short notice while they drive through your neighborhood with their buyers. Every potential showing can produce a real buyer. This kind of showing can be good one since the buyers liked the outside appearance of your property enough to request an immediate showing. The name of the game is to accommodate all the showings when they are requested. Here are a few simple rules that can help you keep your home ready to be shown with a short notice:
1. All beds should be made upon rising in the morning
2. Bathrooms should be checked periodically so they are always ready for showings
3. Avoid cooking with foods that leave a lingering odor for longer periods of time
4. Empty the trash compactor before showings and keep the oven clean. Many buyers judge the cleanliness of the house by the condition of the oven

Because people buy a home on its emotional appeal, it is important to create that emotional environment when the house is being shown. Here are a few important rules for showing a home:
 Light – all lights should be turned on to give all rooms a larger appearance and cheerful effect
 Excess noise – the TV should be turned off. You can set soft music not too loud so the buyers can talk freely without being disturbed
 Scents – the smell of the house will create or distract from its emotional appeal. To give a home an attractive smell, you can burn scented candles, heat cinnamon water or put vanilla on light bulbs
 Pets – all pets should be kept during showing in a cage. This will eliminate confusion and keep the buyers’ attention focused on your house
It is always a good idea to avoid being at home during showings. That way buyers can talk freely without feeling any pressure from the owner. Not only that, you will not have to answer any unexpected questions that will make you uncomfortable in answering them. Any questions can be answered later through the agents. If you have to be or happen to be at home while the house is shown try to follow these rules:
What to do – do not follow people around the house. Let their agent to be a tour guide through your house. If they have any questions about the house they will ask them. Be nice but don’t force conversation with the buyers. They came to inspect your house not to socialize with you.
Keeping emotions on leash – do not get emotional if a buyer says something negative about your home. If you get defensive or argue the point only bad things may happen
Apologies – never apologize for the condition of your house
Answering questions – if asked any questions, answer them honestly and briefly without getting into lengthy details
Do not negotiate anything – do not negotiate or discuss the price while the buyer is viewing your house. Let them first decide if it is the home they want to purchase. Your agent will help you with this process once there is a written offer
Don’t seem over excited – if you act like you can’t wait to get your house sold, you will get horrible offers on it
Why are you selling your house – many times buyers tend to ask this question. Give them an honest but short answer. They are going to test you to see how anxious you are to sell the house. Their line of thinking is that if you are highly motivated, you may accept a low ball offer
What have you paid for the house – another common question asked by the potential buyers. This information has no effect on today’s value of your house, that is why it is irrelevant and they don’t have to know it