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Power of Virtual Tour

Power of virtual tour. How can a virtual tour help you to sell your house? A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location (your house), usually composed of a sequence of videos or still images. It can be enhanced by other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text. It is a well known fact that the more potential buyers go through your house the bigger the chance is that the house will sell.

virtual tour

In recent years the Internet has totally changed people’s lives when searching for information, shopping for merchandise and that includes also real estate. With over 75% of potential buyers starting their search on the Internet, having a great digital identity is nowadays a necessity. Buying a home is a process that takes a lot of time for every buyer. Living in a fast paced world where time is a rare commodity for everyone you want to make sure all potential buyers will not scratch out your house from their list only because they couldn’t see it inside and outside first before scheduling an appointment to see it in person. A lot of buyers before they even call their realtor first go on the Internet and start selecting homes they like to view. The Virtual Tour is literally the first thing that potential buyers see when looking for their new home. The layout, the photos, and video all together create an excitement and positive first impression that brings potential buyers to your doorstep. What about if they don’t like what they see on the Internet? That only means they will not like it anyway when they see it in person. You just saved your time and their time. There is no need to worry about people who will not like your house. You are not looking for them; you are looking for the opposite ones, buyers who will like it. If you make it easier for those buyers you will greatly increase the chances of selling your house.

Generally a virtual tour enhances listings, attracts more buyers by gaining more exposure of your home, and integrates into clients communications, making it easier for the buyers to put your home on their shopping list.

Here are some of the features how my virtual tours not only gain more exposure for your home to all potential buyers but also make it easier for the buyers to learn about your house:
1. The buyer viewing the tour can print a color flyer that contains photos, the listing information and my contact information
2. Gallery view displays thumbnails up to 25 scenes simultaneously
3. While using the classic viewer buyers can switch to large view instantly that will show full sized scenes
4. Property information including a complete description, price, number of bedrooms etc
5. Buyers can see your house location on a Google map. A normal view, satellite view, and hybrid view are available
6. Each scene of the tour can contain “hot spots” allowing the buyer to jump from one area to another instantly
7. Each tour can have background music which can be changed by the viewer to suit their tastes, adjust the volume or turn it off completely if they desire so
8. Viewers have ability to use mortgage calculator allowing them quick estimates of mortgage payments
9. Buyers have instant access to my contact information
10. The tour is automatically sent to all major portals like: MLS, realtor.com, Trulia, Msn, Zillow, Yahoo, YouTube, Front door, and many more sites giving your house maximum exposure

Click on the link below to view sample of the virtual tour on one of my listings.