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Selecting Real Estate Pro

Is there any advantage to hire a real estate pro who can represent you in the purchasing transaction???
Let’s look at it from a few different angles. Why do I need an agent if I can go on the Internet, select the house I like, call the listing agent to make an appointment and if I like the house make an offer. It is true, you can do that and it is rather a simple process. If you go that way the listing agent becomes a “dual” agent representing both parties in the same transaction. As a dual agent he/she has to become neutral like “Switzerland”. Both parties would have to first sign a dual agency disclosure that specifies what the listing agent can or can’t do for both parties involved in the transaction. In this case the agent can’t advise neither party involved on what to offer or what to accept. If you are OK with it, you should proceed with the purchase.
Let’s check now if there are any advantages in hiring an agent who can represent you in a purchasing transaction. Here are a few advantages for hiring an agent who will be helping you in the whole process of purchasing your new home:
 Number one you are not paying for his/her service (unless you arrange it differently). That does not mean they are working for free. When seller lists the house he/she agrees to pay commission for selling it. Normally half of that commission is offered in Multiple Listing Service to all co-operating agents meaning if your agent finds and shows you the house you decide to purchase he/she will be paid that co-op commission for being a procuring cause of the sale. Your agent takes your side in that transaction and negotiates on your behalf the best possible price
 Number two working with the agent will save you a lot of time. Finding the right house, scheduling all the appointments, coordinating all showings, later home inspections requires a lot of time
♦ Number three working with an experienced agent will save you not only time but money as well by getting from him/her right advise which will prevent you from falling into pitfalls that can cost you later
How to select a good realtor who can represent me in the search of my new home and negotiation process? Like in any other profession you would like to work with someone who has enough experience and knowledge, someone who can guide you through the whole process and who will represent your best interests in the transaction. When selecting an agent look for someone who will understand what you need and who will navigate the system for you. Try to find someone who is: polite, open, relaxed, confident, and most of all qualified. It is good to select an agent who works full time, knows the area very well, and closes several properties per year. You should be asking some questions to learn about his/her experience and training, that will help to see if he/she is qualified enough to help you out. Here are a few tips you can follow when selecting an agent:
1. Get in touch with local agents by visiting open houses. A lot of agents use the open house as a tool to find new buyers they can work with. Check with your friends or relatives if they worked with experienced agents that produced positive results for them.
2. Speak to several agents to find the most knowledgeable and the one you feel most comfortable with. Keep in mind many of them will tell you what you want to hear. Make sure they are not selling you a dream partnership.
3. Test their knowledge by asking questions you have learned so far on your own about real estate. If they don’t know more than you do, keep looking for a better one.
4. Check how many closed transactions they had in the last few years. More closings mean more experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for a proof. They can print it from Multiple Listing Service.
5. Ask if the realtor you want to work with is a full time agent. It is a lot easier to work with someone who can be available on a daily basis.
6. Check if your agent is online. Over 90% of all buyers initially start their search online. Having a web savvy agent is important. Great agents moved to mobile technology to assist their clients.
7. Ask if they can recommend you service providers: obtaining mortgage, home inspectors, and repairs on the house.
Once you find the right realtor spend the time with him/her describing in details what you want in the home and which area you want to buy so they can start working for you right away. Because agents who work with buyers are paid only (unless arranged differently) when they are procuring cause (meaning they have to find you the house first, schedule an appointment to show it, and then take you through the house) many of them will ask you to sign a buyer’s agency agreement. There are different types of agreements but the one mostly used is the one that gives the protection to the agent who will be working with you. This agreement specifies that you basically will not be working with someone else behind his/her back. The agent will be investing his/her time in helping you to find your dream home and it would be unethical to work with ten other agents at the same time for the same purpose. Nine of them would not be paid.