Inter/Pol Realty Group selling process

9 simple steps to sell your house faster and for more money


The times are changing, so is the real estate approach to the selling process and Inter/Pol Realty Group has adjusted to the new age of real estate demands. We are not inventing a new wheel we are simply adjusting to new demands that help our customers achieve their goals faster with less inconvenience for themselves.


  • HOME AUDIT: Knowing that people buy homes on emotions it is critical in today’s competitive market to create the “emotional appeal” of your home to help your house to stand out from the crowd. Inter/Pol’s representative will provide you the home audit to suggest constructive changes to your home to make it more appealing among your competition, to show it exceptionally well to yield the greatest possible price from interested buyers.


  • CMA COMPETETIVE MARKET ANALYSIS: Pricing your home according to its value in the current market. Inter/Pol’s consultant will provide a comprehensive study on real estate market in your area to come up with the best possible asking price for your home. The suggested price would be based on current market trends and specifications on similar homes from your area that have closed, that are under contract, and homes your house will be competing with. Our combined knowledge on apprising homes and long-term experience in selling real estate will help you make a knowledgeable decision about pricing your home.


  • PROFESSIONAL PHOTO SHOOT: A professional photographer will be sent to your house to generate a library of high-quality exterior and interior pictures of your home including aerial photos if suitable for your house. Since over 90% of people start looking for homes online, it is critical to take professional pictures showing the house in its best light and shape.


  • MARKETING YOUR HOME: Inter/Pol Realty Group like any other real estate company submits a property listing that includes: price, room sizes, personal property included, special features, taxes, lot size, date of possession, etc. to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database of Northern Illinois exposing your home to all active real estate brokers that form the biggest selling force in the real estate industry. Internet has happened to real estate (over 90% people start their search on Internet) and your home will have an exposure on all major real estate sites including: MRED Midwest Real Estate Data,,,,, Yahoo Real Estate,,,,,, and other real estate sites. A professionally mastered virtual tour of your house will be distributed to many real estate sites. A professionally looking brochure of your house will be created with pictures and all main features of your property to present the best-selling points to all perspective buyers touring your house. A for sale sign will be promptly placed on your property. The listing agent will be personally answering all the sign and Internet calls on your property. Your agent will be checking the real estate market and informing you on any market changes that may affect the selling of your home.


  • ACCOMODATING ALL SHOWING REQUESTS: All steps are very important it the selling process, so is this one. After your house goes on the market your time will be interrupted. Sometimes it may not be convenient for you, but to increase the chances of selling your house you should accommodate every single showing and not only that but also handle each showing properly. Inter/Pol’s representative will spend time explaining the whole process of scheduling appointments and the best way of handling every showing.


  • NEGOTIATION THE BEST OFFER: Selling real estate is a money game and buyers will always be testing you. It is important to follow up the previous step properly otherwise it may cost you money. The reason you want to hire a professional for the job of selling your property is to take the pressure, emotions, and everything else that goes along with the sale off your shoulders. Inter/Pol’s representative will be providing you the best advice on how to handle the negotiating process to get you the best results based on the market condition and on your personal situation.


  • GOING THROUGH HOME INSPECTION/CONTRACT APPROVAL: many transactions fall apart due to home inspections. It is critical to work with professionals who can give you the right advice from the very beginning of the selling process to avoid any up coming issues. The intelligent approach in resolving issues may save the day for everyone involved. You will be getting professional advice from our representative on how to keep the transaction from falling apart.


  • FOLLOW UP WITH ALL PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THE TRANSACTION UNTIL THE CLOSING DATE: It is important to follow up with everyone involved in the transaction including: attorneys, agents, appraisers, loan officers, closers from title companies to make sure there won’t be any surprises that will let the transaction fall apart just from someone’s negligence. Your listing agent will be updating you on the ongoing progress with your selling transaction.


  • CLOSING THE SELLING TRANSACTION: If all the previous steps are diligently followed up to this point there would only be one step left which is “closing.” At the closing all the required papers are signed by both parties and then the key of the house is exchanged in for the money that was agreed upon in the selling contract.


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